I like to feel in control of nature in a way more akin to a mad scientist, replicating natural processes in a controlled environment, far removed from real nature, to create uncanny organic objects. These objects are a new nature, inspired by the real but without direct reference-created rather than reproduced. And like a scientist, my process is guided by a series of trials and errors. Favorable results emerge only after many failed attempts.

I want the forms I create to be as detailed and nuanced as forms in nature. I mimic organic processes or involve them directly; water evaporating from a puddle, materials melted with fire, objects buried in dirt, relying on the seasons for specific effects. At the same time I incorporate alien materials to somewhat confuse the legitimacy of the perceived realness: trash, wax, bubble bath, mascara. On closer inspection something suspicious reveals itself, something ominous and inorganic disrupts the beauty; like a crystal in Rock Shop with peculiar saturation or a fluorescent dyed fish in a pet store whose unearthly glow raises questions of authenticity. I look for moments when the natural and the synthetic become entwined, creating sublime conglomerates, beautiful hybrids.